Jennifer Carmody: the Multi-Talented Mind Behind JK ULTRA

Jennifer Carmody, better known as "jk ultra," is a multi-talented creator pushing the boundaries of what's possible on TikTok. With over 650,000 followers and an astonishing 1 billion views, she captivates audiences with thought-provoking videos on conspiracy theories, metaphysics, spirituality, and aliens. Jennifer's reach extends beyond TikTok, as she has been featured in an LA Times article for her unique citizen journalism coverage of the Harvey Weinstein trial. 

Jennifer has been interviewed by top figures in the UFO field. She's shared her personal UFO encounter on Linda Moulton Howe's show and appeared on "Unknown Country" with Whitley Strieber. Jennifer also interviewed Dr. Steven Greer on her TikTok. As a public speaker, she's spoken at Disclosure Fest and the Parapod Alien Festival. She was featured in a Substack interview by Jessica Reed Kraus of HouseinHabit, one of Substack's leading voices. But Jk Ultra's journey to internet fame has been a long time coming...

Jennifer Carmody jk ultra

Living in Los Angeles by way of New Jersey, Jennifer grew up in Jersey City, the most culturally diverse city in America. After studying film in New York City, she worked as a production assistant on various New York-based Hollywood sets, including Warner Bros' reboot of "Arthur" with Russell Brand and Paramount's satire "The Dictator" starring Sacha Baron Cohen. It was during this time that she wrote, produced, and directed her own short film, "Who Is Tara Thomas?" which follows a young woman seeking revenge. She also began maintaining a personal blog, chronicling her life's stories and unique experiences as a wellspring of inspiration for her future projects. Jennifer was also credited as a creative consultant for her work on the stage design for comedian Jim Norton's special "American Degenerate," which aired on EPIX. She made further contributions to another EPIX comedy special, "Please Be Offended."

Jenn relocated to Los Angeles, where she became the First Assistant Director and Associate Producer of 'Chavez: Cage of Glory,' a mixed martial arts film starring Danny Trejo. She completed a series of classes and performances at the UCB theatre, where she explored and developed different aspects of her improvisational and comedic skills.

Jennifer was also on the cutting edge of the podcasting world. Her podcast, Carmody Central Podcast, active between 2013-2017, ranked in the top 10 comedy podcasts on iTunes and the top 25 of all podcasts. The podcast received a shout-out on Joe Rogan Experience Episode #635. Carmody Central Podcast attracted over 400,000 downloads from listeners in more than 130 countries worldwide. It featured renowned guests like Amy Schumer, Colin Quinn, and Jim Norton, and served as a platform for up-and-coming comedians and writers. Hosted from her home studio in Hollywood, the podcast even made an appearance on the SiriusXM satellite radio show, where Jennifer also guest-hosted another SiriusXM comedy-based advice talk show.

Jennifer's creative endeavors extend far and wide. In addition to her podcasting work, she's always been on a mission to empower women. Her upcoming comedic self-help book is a guide for modern women, revealing how to break free from the influence of ad agencies that have shaped us. She also contributed a BUST Magazine article, raising awareness about the dangers of bleached tampons.


Jennifer Carmody Jk ultra
Moonbook: Hormones & Horoscopes," a workbook designed to help women track their menstrual and moon cycles for optimal manifestation. In 2023, she released "Domestique Tarot," a new workbook for those eager to learn tarot reading at home and empower themselves to build their skills. Jennifer's dedication to empowering women and sharing knowledge knows no bounds.


In addition to her fun and exciting work in film and writing, Jennifer has had many unconventional job experiences to support herself. She is hardworking and has maintained 2-3 jobs simultaneously for the majority of her life. These experiences range from measuring women's bras as a bra specialist in SoHo, NY, to managing various popular restaurants, beauty salons, and marijuana collectives around Beverly Hills. For the right price, she even worked as an event coordinator for the Bel-Air bar mitzvah circuit. Jennifer is a former model and has worked with renowned brands like American Apparel.

When Jennifer isn't unraveling the mysteries of dimensions on TikTok, penning words, exploring the realms of extraterrestrial intrigue, or stockpiling quirky tales for a future memoir, you can catch her in real-time every Tuesday night at 6 pm Pacific / 9 pm Eastern, live and lively on YouTube.